Legend valley [有聲書]

  • 點閱:73
  • 並列題名:夢之谷
  • 作者:
  • 出版年:2003[民92]
  • 出版社:彩虹兒童文化
  • 出版地:臺北市


可借 1


Little Tree goes in search of Legend Valley, a place where nature and people can co-exist peacefully. On the way she meets a boy. When they can’t find Legend Valley, they decide to make a place just like it together. Will they succeed?


The theme of the story is “environment protection.” Through reading this story, children are able to learn about qualities such as cherishing and appreciation as they relate to life strengthening.



  • Legend Valley 夢之谷(p.5)
  • 故事導讀(p.27)
  • CoCo Studio CoCo錄音室(p.28)
  • Word Playground 單字操場(p.30)
  • Reading Activities 閱讀活動(p.32)
  • Listening Classroom 聽力教室(p.33)
  • 品格碰碰車(p.34)
  • Go Around the World: Japan 環遊世界:日本(p.35)
  • ABC Phonics 發音樂園:-ad & -at(p.36)
  • ABC Playground 字母操場(p.38)
  • More to Learn: Recycling is Fun! 資源回收真好玩!(p.39)
  • Arts & Crafts 勞作(p.43)
  • Review Land 複習園地(p.44)